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Since genetic risk is non-time-varying, longitudinal analyte data were collapsed by taking the median across time points. Ashkenazi Jewish德国犹太裔.


这几天都是早早的到了实验室.今天把看到了一些关于labor marker的学术术语总结一下: cervix: 子宫颈. cervix dilates: 子宫颈扩大. contractions: 收缩. uterine: 子宫 dialate: 扩大,膨


1 Method 1.1 Study design 1.2 Metabolomics数据采集 1.3 Statistical analysis 今天早上就来了办公室.看了一篇文章. 发表在Nature medincine. A maternal serum metabolite ratio predicts fetal growth restriction at term 作者使用代谢