Introduction to metagenomics

1 Eli MEtchnikoff 2 Phylogenetics of organisms 3 The human Microbiome Project 1 Eli MEtchnikoff microbome祖师爷. 2 Phylogenetics of organisms 核糖体RNA (rRNA)功能非常重要,可以将RNA变为蛋白质.序列非常保守.

Machine for genomics conference

0.0.1 Machine learning for biomedical information freenome freenome intergateing innovative science to develop a blood-based cancer test starting with CRC. cfDNA (cell free DNA). Interpreting deep learning models of regulatory DNA Anshul Kundaje decoding genome function control elements gene ATAC-seq/DNase-seq ChIP-seq prediCtive model of regularity DNA Just transform DNA sequence to dummy matrxi. 0.0.1 Machine learning for biomedical information hierarchical latent variable models?

Modern Statistics for Modern Biology:第一章

0.0.1 离散变量(discrete data)的生成模型 是斯坦福大学统计系教授Susan Holmes 0.0.1 离散变量(discrete data)的生成模型 在分子生物


0.0.1 Correlation analysis 0.0.1 Correlation analysis 将组学变量(gene,protein,metabolite,clinical factor)进行相关性分析,得到他们之间的相关性,